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In the End of the Night | Jon/Ygritte EP

It's not a fanmix actually, it's EP but the word "fanmix" looked better on the cover lol I know it's the shittest cover ever :( Don't beat me hard! As for the song list, I wanted to create very primeval, dark and shamanistic feeling. Mostly, spiritual atmosphere. 

Bjork - Aurora
A mountain shade
Suggests your shape
I tumbled down
On my knees
Fill the mouth
With snow
The way it melts
I wish
To melt
Into you

Fever Ray - I'm not Done
So, I lost my head a while ago
But you seem to have done no better
We set fire in the snow
It ain't over, I'm not done

Zola Jesus - Night
It’s getting late
It’s getting dark
In the end of the night I can feel your warmth
Come up close
Close to me
Coz In the end of the night I can feel you breathe

Fever Ray - Dry and Dusty
Never leave me
Walk close beside me
Your hand my hand
Fits so easy
No tomorrow
Let us stop here
We did some great things
Oh-oh, didn't we

Lykke Li - Love out of Lust
Rather die in your arms, than die lonesome
Rather die hard, than die hollow
The higher that I climb
The deeper I fall down

Tags: fanmix, game of thrones
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Aaaw! So beautiful... And I loved your cover! (can't wait to see them actually on screen together :D)

I loved sooo much "Love out of Lust" ("Rather live out a lie than live wondering/ How the fire feels while burning /For life is like a flame /And the ashes for wasting" and "We will live longer than I will")! So glad to see fanwork for Jon/Ygritte...

Keep going, please :)
I think they will be epic. My heart beats double time everytime I think about it!

It's such a great song! Thank you so much, I'm really glad you liked it!

Deleted comment

YAY! Thank you :)
Stunning <3
Thank you, enjoy :)